Day 2 — Tuesday 15th October

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Plenary Session I


Institutional opening

Nicola Bellomo, Ambassador, Delegation of the European Union to Rwanda

Ariel Guarco, ICA President

Hon. Soraya Hakuziyaremeye, Minister of Trade & Industry of the Republic of Rwanda 

Daniela Bas, Director of DESA’s Division For Inclusive Social Development

Guest of honour

Moderator : Kampeta Pitchette Sayinzoga, Director General of National Industry Research and Development Agency, Rwanda

11:00 Break


Keynote speech by Vandana Shiva, International Forum on Globalization

12:30 Lunch


Parallel sessions


Inclusive multi-stakeholder partnerships built upon the principles and values of effective cooperation play a vital role in achieving the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Partnerships (SDG17) will be the cross-cutting theme of these 4 parallel sessions with high-level representatives of the UN, European Union, civil society, and cooperative development networks discussing the significance of multi-stakeholder partnerships and the role that the cooperative movement can play as a key actor for collective action.

Parallel Session 1


Tackling inequalities through the cooperative movement 

Introduction to the session & moderator:
Anders Lago, International Cooperative Development Platform

Opening Remarks:
Graciela Fernández, Cooperatives of the Americas

Case examples and Panel Discussion
• Natalino Jose Barnete, Mozambican Association for the Promotion of Modern Cooperatives
• Meena Pokhrel, Nepal Agricultural Cooperative Central Federation
• Andrew Allimadi, UNDESA
• Marise Blom, SCOPEInsight
• Innocent Uwimana, Rwanda Local Government Association and Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF)

Questions & answers

Closing remarks: Balu Iyer, ICA Asia-Pacific

Parallel Session 2


Women’s empowerment at the forefront of sustainable development

Moderator: Agnes Mirembe, ARUWE, Uganda

High level Panel and real case examples part 1
• Maria Eugenia Pérez Zea, Coomeva, Colombia
• Memory Kachambwa, FEMNET, Kenya
Questions & answers
• Chandra Sekhar Reddy Tupalle, APMAS, India
• Gisela Wild, COOPERAR, Argentina

Questions & answers

High level Panel and real case examples part 2
• Oral Kaya, Troya Environmental Association, Turkey
• Jonathan Kioko, WeEffect, Kenya

Questions & answers

• Panel discussion with all speakers

Closing remarks : Agnès Mathis, Cooperatives Europe


Parallel Session 3

Innovation in entrepreneurship through the cooperative model 

Real case examples
Moderator: Rose Karimi, ICA Africa

• Julio Rojas Chavarría, Coopesuperación R.L, Costa Rica
• Anna Balkfors, Yalla Trappan, Sweden
• Mutulu Amisi, Kwakyai Rural Cooperative, Kenya
• Angelina Anggraeni Hapsari, Koperasi Edukarya Negeri Lestari, Indonesia

Questions & answers

High-level panel
Moderator : Marjaana Saarikoski, SOK, Finland

• Alberto Masetti Zannini, Impact Hub Global
• Jurgüen Schwettmann, Retd. senior ILO official and independent cooperative consultant
• Michal Tsoran, Kibbutz Industries Association, Israel

Questions & answers

Closing remarks : Sifa Chiyoge, ICA Africa

Parallel Session 4

Globalisation of inclusive ethical value chains

High-level panel
Moderator: Wangeci Gitata, Senior Advisor on Social Justice through Trade, Kenya

• Alex Serrano, NCBA CLUSA, USA
• Patrick Develtere, European Social Policy at the European Political Strategy Centre, European Commission
• Chris Oluoch, Fairtrade Africa and Eastern – Central Africa Network, Kenya
• Mark Blackett, Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA), The Netherlands

Questions & answers

Real case examples
• Mirian Andrea Cu Ical, FEDECOVERA, Guatemala
• Baudouin K. Kola, Actors for a Solidarity Economy in Togo
Mirai Chatterjee, Director of the Social Security Team at Self-Employed Women’s Association, (SEWA), India

Questions & answers

Closing remarks: Danilo Salerno, Cooperatives of the Americas

15:30 Break


Parallel sessions

Continuation of parallel sessions

Plenary session II


Promoting the preservation of the environment in Africa and beyond

Youssef Hosni, Director of the Cooperation Development Office of the Ministry of Tourism of Air Transport of Crafts and Social Economy, Morocco
Agnes Mirembe, Team Leader and Executive Director, ARUWE (Action for Rural Women’s Empowerment), Uganda
Elizabeth Mwiyeria, Vi Agroforestry, Kenya Office
Kevins Randiek, Brand K Integrated Marketing and Communication Ltd, Kenya

Moderator: Anna Tibblin, WeEffect, Sweden


Coop cinema: a cooperative journey around the world! 

With the support of coops4dev🌍, researcher Sara Vicari and filmmaker Andrea Mancori started a year-long trip around the world to document some of the most inspiring cooperatives from different economic sectors in a series of short films.

To produce those documentaries, they actively engage with cooperatives’ members and local communities, learn from their experiences, and film and share their stories.

The Coop Cinema will showcase several videos of this inspiring project.
Sara Vicari and Andrea Mancori will reveal some insights on the screened films and share their experiences, along with several speakers.

19:45 End of day

These sessions have been co-funded by the European Union. The contents of this sessions are the sole responsibility of the International Cooperative Alliance and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.